My Go-To Healthy Snacks

Snacks are what keep me going throughout the day. I am what you would call a ‘grazer’. I love stocking my pantry full of healthy, quick, easy to make snacks so that I don’t end up reaching for the chocolate…

My best advice to avoid reaching for the bad stuff is to always be prepared. In the weekend go to the store and stock up for the week, make sure you have enough to last all week, and make sure you enjoy what your eating! Switch it up now and again.

Brown Rice Cakes

I discovered these Ceres Organics brown rice cakes while I was browsing the ‘health section’ at my local supermarket and they are the best rice cakes I have ever tried! They are so light and crispy and are the perfect base for toppings.


My favourite toppings are

  • Peanut butter, banana and cinnamon
  • Smashed avocado and tomato
  • Hummus

Green Smoothie

Smoothies are my favourite  snack. They full me up and give me lasting energy to get me through the day. I like to add chia seeds, ground flaxseed and spiralina powder to mine to give me an extra kick of nutrients.


My favourite smoothie recipe is so simple and delicious

  • 1 banana
  • handful spinach or kale
  • handful frozen mixed berries
  • oat milk or water
  • optional: super-food powder, chia seeds etc

Simply blend until smooth. I use a Nutri-Bullet and it is worth every cent! It ensures my smoothies are super smooth with no bits.


The humble, reliable banana. I always make sure I have plenty of bananas in my fruit bowl! They are such a quick and delicious snack to grab and go. They are great to throw into my handbag on the way out the door to Uni. They are great for an energy boost and help sustain your blood sugar.


Snack Balls

Now I can sit here and pretend that I make my own snack balls but I’d be lying. I just don’t have a powerful enough food processor for that (poor student problems). So instead I buy pre-made ones. Luckily here in New Zealand they are having quite the moment and there are multiple brands coming out with their own versions. I love these Snackaballs from Tom & Luke as they taste delicious but most importantly they have no nasty stuff! The ingredients consist of Dates, Raisins, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Coconut, Cacao Powder and Peppermint Oil.


Snack balls make an excellent snack as they are packed with ingredients to give you energy and they are great to take with you on the go too. They also taste a bit naughty (without being naughty) so will satisfy those 3pm sweet tooth cravings!

What are some of your favourite go to snacks? I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about mine and found some inspiration.


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