What I Eat In A Day #2 // (Vegan/Plant-based)

Wow how is it almost the end of January already! 2017 is flying by!! For my first blog post of 2017 I thought I would do another ‘what I eat in a day’ as they are one of my favorites and my last one was pretty popular 🙂

I had a super busy holiday season travelling all over New Zealand to visit family and friends. It was so great to see everyone but my eating habits did take a turn for the worst (as they always do over the holidays :P). I tried to keep as close to what I would normally eat but it is hard when you’re away, and when my mother-in-law made me egg-less vegan meringues I couldn’t resit!! I’m very fortunate to have a family who is very open to my cruelty-free lifestyle 🙂

I was so glad to be back in my kitchen when we finally got home, cooking delicious nutritious meals that my body thanked me for!!

So here is my first ‘what i eat in a day’ of 2017 🙂


Breakfast has always been one of my favourite meals! I cannot function without food in the mornings and even though we are in the middle of summer my go-to at the moment has been a big bowl of oatmeal! I make mine using scotch oats and almond milk, and once it is cooked I mix in a tablespoon of ground flax-seeds and top with fresh summer berries and some pumpkin seeds 🙂 I find this to be such a nutritious breakfast that keeps me going for hours!


For a mid-morning snack I always find myself reaching for bananas! These little ones were so cute and super tasty!!! I had 2 of these and a cup of green tea 🙂


The sun was shining today so I took my lunch outside to eat and soak up some vitamin D. I call this salad my Hippie Bowl, it consists of brown rice, cos lettuce, shredded purple cabbage, carrot and beetroot, along with chopped cucumber and alfalfa sprouts. The dressing is made out of shallot, nutritional yeast and rice vinegar. It’s super yummy and filling and I enjoyed it while watching my cat run around playing in the garden 🙂


I was lucky enough to finish my uni work early today so I made up a big bowl of popcorn and watched a movie. I love homemade popcorn! It’s so cheap and easy to make and you can top it with whatever you like!


Dinner was so delicious! I made a chickpea spinach tikka masala (recipe coming soon) and it was so scrummy!! I had it on some brown rice and topped it with lots of coriander!!!

So there you have it, everything i ate today. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you want more, I might make them a regular thing on the blog 🙂

Much love xx


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