From savoury comfort food to sweet treats, you can make anything Plantbased and delicious! Scroll down to browse our recipe collection of nourishing plantbased meals designed to make you feel good from the inside out!

Cacao Tartlets (Raw + Vegan) // Recipe

These cacao tartlets came about one afternoon when I was craving a sweet treat. Now this doesn’t happen very often as I have a non-existent sweet tooth! So I rummaged through my pantry and came across oats, cacao and some coconut yoghurt. So I decided to make a modification on a raw cheesecake I usually make and this was the end result.

Cauliflower Dahl (Vegan) // Recipe

This recipe has been a favourite in our household for a while now and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s super easy to make and tastes sssooooo good! And you can serve it with whatever you have on hand.

Blueberry Muffins (Vegan + Healthy) // Recipe

To celebrate World Vegan Day day I thought I would share my favourite blueberry muffin recipe with you! Blueberry muffins were always a favourite of mine growing up and I was so happy when I created this vegan version 

 These muffins are perfect for lunch boxes and taste amazing!

Tabbouleh (Vegan & Oil-free) // Recipe

I hope everyone is well, and enjoying the warmer weather (if you’re in the southern hemisphere that is!). Spring is well and truly here in New Zealand and as the flowers start to bloom and the weather warms up I always start to crave fresh salads for lunch. 

Glorious Green Smoothie // Recipe

This is an excellent smoothie to have for breakfast and provides a real nutrient boost for the day. It is also equally as good mid-afternoon as a pick me up!

The BEST Stir-Fry (Vegan) // Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good stir fry?!?! I certainly do, they are so quick and easy to whip up after a long day at work or school and this one is tasty and satisfying and contains lots of wholefood plantbased ingredients to give your body a big boost of nutrients.

Vegan Cheese Scones // Recipe

Who doesn’t love a good cheesy scone for afternoon tea slathered with melting butter. I bet you thought when you cut dairy from your diet you had to say goodbye to that cheese scone???… well think again!! What I have for you today is the recipe for these little gems, a VEGAN cheese scone!

Sweet Chilli Tofu Sushi (Vegan) // Recipe

Sushi is one of my favourite foods! It’s so versatile and is something that is great to make ahead of time and can be transported easily so is great for lunchboxes or picnics at the beach.

Simple Oat Bliss Balls with Chocolate Drizzle (Vegan) // Recipe

These are great to have as an afternoon snack with a cup of tea, and they are just as delicious as an after dinner treat to finish your day off!

Oil-Free Baked Vegan Falafel // Recipe

Deliciously moist and wonderfully flavourful, these oil-free baked vegan falafel will leave you wanting more! I’ve struggled for a while now to find a falafel recipe minus the added oil or tahini that is normally used but I think I have perfected the most delicious little morsels! 

Blueberry Coconut Baked Oatmeal (Vegan) // Recipe

This baked oatmeal makes the perfect lazy weekend breakfast served with some coconut yoghurt and a big mug of fresh brewed coffee.

Chickpea & Spinach Tikka Masala (Vegan) // Recipe

Today’s recipe is one I am currently obsessed with! It came about on accident one night when I veganized an old recipe I had for tikka masala. The result = AMAZING!

Blueberry Oat Breakfast Cookies (Vegan) // Recipe

Who doesn’t love a freshly baked warm cookie straight from the oven?!?! I most definitely do! Last Sunday I had a craving for some home baked oat cookies so I came up with these bad boys. 5 ingredients and 30mins is all you need to whip these up!

Thai Pumpkin Kumara Soup (V+GF) // Recipe

Today I’m going to share one of my all time favourite dishes. I’ve been making it for years and it always hits the spot! It’s perfect on a cold wintery day with crusty bread to dip!

Homemade Granola (Vegan) // Recipe

I love granola. I love eating it for breakfast, I love it as a snack with some coconut yogurt, and I love it as a desert with some stewed apples. I also love making it myself. 

Beetroot & Lentil Salad (V+GF) // Recipe

Today’s recipe is one of the first recipes that I ever customised to make my own when I started eating compassionately.  This salad is a favourite in my household. It is tangy from the vinegar and has the right amount of spice to get your taste buds excited!

Creamy Tomato & Red Capsicum Risotto (Vegan) // Recipe

Today’s recipe is one of my favourites. I only first tried to make a risotto about a year ago and it is so much better than the packet versions you buy at the supermarket!!! If you haven’t made a risotto from scratch before I highly recommend you try it!

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What I Eat in A Day // #1 (Vegan/Plant-based)

This week I thought I would do something different. This is the type of blog post I love to read so I thought I would create one for all my readers. This is everything I have eaten today, excluding the 2L of water I drunk, and I hope it gives you some food inspo!!

What I Eat In A Day #2 // (Vegan/Plant-based)

Wow how is it almost the end of January already! 2017 is flying by!! For my first blog post of 2017 I thought I would do another ‘what I eat in a day’ as they are one of my favorites and my last one was pretty popular